Potty Training

Your child will let you know when they’re ready to potty train. Look for these signs, typically between 18-24 months. Interest: Your child shows curiosity about the toilet or wants to imitate you using it. Communication: Your child expresses the need to go or starts using words related to potty training, it’s a good sign. …

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Positive Teaching Moments

 “That’s tricky, but you can do it.” Take a break from Instead Try “That’s easy, you can do it!”  But what if the child can’t do it? Then they have just failed to do something ‘easy,’ which is pretty discouraging. And if they do succeed with the task, they don’t feel good about it, because they’ve merely accomplished something …

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I Can Do It Myself! A Toddler’s Push for Independence

Toddlers, 1-year-olds to 3-year-olds, are full of energy and curiosity. They’re practicing and mastering many skills, like walking, talking, and climbing. However, their biggest endeavor is becoming their own person. One of the major challenges for parents is supporting their toddler in developing this independence. Parents are understandably not ready for their child to stop …

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