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We believe that childhood is about open-ended exploration. There is no right or wrong, no judgment or assumptions. It’s about experimenting and finding excitement, then taking the lessons learned and applying them to everyday life. For children, play is both serious work and pure fun. It’s an opportunity to learn how to find solutions to problems. It’s how they experience the world.

Play-based, open-ended learning

Our Approach

Letting them do that whimsical work also means seeing the world through their eyes. It’s our job as parents and educators to advocate for their imagination and dreams instead of always conforming and complying. It’s really about giving your child a giant sandbox to get their hands dirty, to build, to learn how to interact and to respect one another. 

But when it’s done right, the results can be transformative in a child’s life. As we like to say, to produce a scholar, you first have to let a child play with mud.

The School

Where kids find joy in learning.

Of course, it takes the right environment to allow a child’s wonder to flourish. Ours is built on empathy, nurturing, and acceptable risk-taking. Around here, different is wonderful. Mix in a dash of compromise, a major helping of self-regulation, and a bowl-full of mutual respect, and you have the perfect recipe for self-reliance and autonomy among children who truly want to learn, even when they don’t realize they’re actually learning.

The School

It's also a whole lot of fun.

Our Home.

Our indoor and outdoor spaces are filled with materials that can be manipulated, investigated, and explored using all five senses. It’s an environment that supports child-initiated exploration and play.

Our programs.

Our students enjoy everything from STEAM subjects to sensory learning, music and movement, athletics, history, culture, and outdoor play. Our diverse range of specialty programs are designed to excite and inspire.

Our people.

Our staff of experienced and highly-trained Certified Early Childhood Educators—many of whom have multiple degrees in child development and education—are the reason why our approach works.

Our Educators

They’re fun-loving and supportive, while being incredibly serious about helping our students succeed. They tailor individual education plans to our student’s needs and interests, then combine small group sizes with inquiry-based and multi-sensory learning for a unique educational experience. The goal: helping children develop their critical thinking, innovation, and problem-solving skills in an engaging way. In addition, our highly trained speciality staff bring their unique skills and expertise to Ridley Orchard on a weekly basis, providing children with a chance to explore exciting new ideas and become inspired by a diverse group of educators.

Dedicated to Kids' Success

Our entire team remains connected to our kids and their families by problem-solving as a team. 

They embrace professional development and never hesitate to discuss ideas or issues. Most importantly, they care. They take the time to understand each child. They invite parents into the classroom, to share goodies, traditions, or stories from their cultures. They share aspects of their own heritage to create fun and diverse learning experiences that children never forget. 

If it takes a village to raise a child, we think we’ve built a thriving multicultural metropolis.

Around here, play is serious work and unfiltered fun.

Ridley Orchard play-based learning hub providing Grade School, Nursery School, Before and After School, Camps, Membership, and Kids Parties for students ranging from toddlers to school agers.

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