Early Years

Our school is designed to let little ones learn and explore in an open-ended, nurturing and supportive environment. The goal is to let them get down to the serious work of play and have enormous amounts of fun as they discover the world and their place in it.

First Years (18 months – 2.5 years old)
Nursery (2.5-3 years old)
Pre-Kindergarten (3-4 years old)


Full Day – 7:30am-6:30pm
Extended Day – 9:00am-3:00pm
Half Day – 9:00am-1:00pm
Morning – 9:00am-12:00pm

The Foundation Programs

Taking inspiration from Montessori and Reggio early learning methodologies, Ridley Orchard students are encouraged to inquire, to wonder why, to question how—and to challenge why not. We’re here to enhance their lives and to help them discover who they are (and what they could one day become). It’s important to start with fundamental skills that can be developed and applied to new discoveries further down the road.

These programs include:

Educational Circles, Cognitive Learning, Sensory, Creative Arts, Building and Engineering, Numeracy and Mathematics, Science and Nature, Language and Literacy, Phonics and Reading, Dramatic and Imaginative Play, Fine Motor and Handwriting, Gym and Outdoor Play

Specialty Programs

Music and Movement
Students participate in Orff music and movement education every week. Music encourages the development of motor, auditory, and rhythmic skills. Group participation, imaginative expression, and building of self-esteem are naturally incorporated into the musical experience.

French and Spanish Language

Students participate in weekly conversational French and Spanish classes through a hands-on, interactive programs that feature the use of puppets, stories, art, physical and role-playing activities.

Weekly Yoga gives students the opportunity to relax, have fun and increase body awareness. Using a child friendly approach of exercises, students learn how to harness their energy for mind-body connection while gaining self-esteem.

Our daily athletics program combines training and instruction with the objective of guiding players to attain their maximum potential in different sports. Skill and tactical development and the maximization of game enjoyment are highlighted through a training process that emphasizes fair play, respect, team spirit and enjoyment of the game. (Athletics is included in full-day and all-day programs).

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