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Since 1996 we have nurtured children’s passion for discovery using open-ended learning. Our goal is to give the adventurers, creators, athletes, artists, and inventors of tomorrow the tools they need to explore their world and achieve their full potential.

Wisdom begins in wonder

Our Approach

Ridley Orchard students are encouraged to inquire, to wonder why, to question how—and to challenge why not. We’re here to enhance their lives and to help them discover who they are (and what they could one day become).

Taking inspiration from Montessori and Reggio early learning methodologies, your child receives an individualized education developed by utilizing thoughtful observation, decades of child development experience, and a supportive emerging program plan.

We cater to varying abilities and skill levels while providing predictability in programming. That allows our students to be, well, unpredictable in their learning. We support their independence, promote their self-esteem, and encourage active reasoning to help produce the critical thinkers of tomorrow. Most importantly, when children enter our space, they become a part of the Ridley Orchard family. That never changes, even when they go to school or as they grow up.

play-based exploration

Our Programs.

We provide a dynamic slate of specialty programs that expose children to a wide range of ideas and experiences.

Early Years

Toddler, Preschool, and Pre-Kindergarten students learn and explore in an engaging play-based environment.

Before/After School

Our dynamic programming is unique, supportive, and nurturing to suit your child’s interests and needs.


Our 1:8 ratio Kindergarten programs are for families who would like their child to continue enriched in-person learning in a small group setting. 

Grade 1 & 2

Introducing Grades 1, 2, and 3! Our education method cultivates creative, critical, and analytical thinking in a non-linear, emergent cognitive manner.


Nurture your child’s independence and adventurous nature while developing their physical, creative, and social skills.


We’ve partnered with amazing organizations to bring families the best programming all in one place.


Join the Ridley Orchard Family and receive access to our play space and engaging classes.

Kids Parties

Birthdays, Holidays, and more! A variety of party options to suit each family.

your child's journey starts here


Experience all that Ridley Orchard has to offer. Contact a member of our team now to visit our school and learn more about our exciting programs.

From the blog.

Potty Training

Your child will let you know when they’re ready to potty train. Look for these signs, typically between 18-24 months. Interest: Your child shows curiosity about the toilet or wants to imitate you using it. Communication: Your child expresses the need to go or starts using words related to potty training, it’s a good sign.

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Positive Teaching Moments

 “That’s tricky, but you can do it.” Take a break from Instead Try “That’s easy, you can do it!”  But what if the child can’t do it? Then they have just failed to do something ‘easy,’ which is pretty discouraging. And if they do succeed with the task, they don’t feel good about it, because they’ve merely accomplished something

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12 Ways To Make Saying Goodbye Easier

Making the beginning of school transition easier This time of year, the start of school transition is on every parent’s mind. Separations from parents can be stressful for young children, especially during a pandemic. Here are a few things you can do to support your child in making the adjustment a little smoother. If possible

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