20 Activities to Keep Your Child Busy During the Pandemic

Here are 20 ways to keep kids active, creating, and exploring!


Neighbourhood Scavenger Hunt

Go on a scavenger hunt around your neighbourhood and see what you can find! Use our scavenger hunt list or make your own with this blank template!

Toronto Zoo Live

Everyday at 1:00pm the Toronto Zoo hosts a live show with one of their Keepers about one of the 5000 animals that live at the zoo.

Cardboard Box Creations

Have a bunch of boxes lying around? Turn them into forts / castles for hours of fun! Use these construction tools to step up your game.

Discover Mars

With the recent landing of the Perseverance Rover on Mars you can take a unique look at the surface! Click here for a 360 degree view! Ever wondered what Mars sounds like? Click here to find out!

Straw Rockets 

While you’re exploring Mars, blast off in your own straw rockets with materials you have lying around the house! Use our easy template to get started!

Decorate Your Child’s Bedroom

What a great time to give your child ownership over their bedroom! Paint the walls, they can make their own decorations and posters, if you have a budget get new bedding and colour coordinate. Let them run with it.

Painting with Friends 

Collect a few painting supplies and deliver to a couple of your children’s friends. Jump onto zoom and do a painting session together, if the weather is nice do it outside.

Make a Maze

Make your own maze, use a bristol board to make a giant one! Start with this maze then make your own! If you want to get really creative after drawing one out, use painters tape and replicate it on the floor or with chalk outside.

Explore Toronto’s Public Art Scene

Learn all about the amazing public art in Toronto, make a day of it and visit your favourite ones. Click here to explore what Toronto has to offer.


Luminosity is running until April 11th and is a covid-safe outdoor art exhibition supporting local businesses and artists.

Visit a Maple Farm

Sugarbush Season is upon us! Visit Conservation Halton to learn all about making Maple Syrup.

Identify Plants

Use the Plant Life App to walk around your neighbourhood and learn what’s growing in your area! Just snap a photo to get more information, photos, and cool facts.

Learn about Canadian Farms

Take a look at how we get some of our food in Canada and tour the different farm facilities. Find amazing videos and information here.

Chores Bingo

Helping around the house has never been this much fun! Use our template or the blank one and fill in your own chores. Pick the winning prize all together!

Transform your Living Room

When the weather keeps you indoors, bring the outside in. Push the furniture back and have an indoor picnic, lay a blanket down and grab a basket of food. Bring the beach indoors, put on those swim suits and combine it with sand and water sensory play. Then turn off the lights and have a movie night with flashlights, bonus if you have glow in the dark stars to place around the room!

Become a PenPal

Hands on writing to another person is an experience most children don’t have anymore. Becoming a penpal with a friend or a grandparent is an awesome experience. You can also use programs like Kids for Peace to write to children around the world.


Looking for a podcast for the whole family? Check out But Why. A show led by kids where they ask interesting questions about the world and find the answers together.


Toronto is surrounded by many beautiful waterfalls that are great for hiking adventures. Make a day trip of it here!

Learning to Draw

For children a bit older check out these fun and entertaining drawing tutorials!

Online Concerts

Massey Hall has a huge list of 30 minute concerts online, grab the popcorn and make a night of it!

Get ready for part 2 – coming soon!

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